That’s me. Patrick Herzog.

“When you train muscles, you forget the movement. When you train movement, you don’t forget a single muscle.”

That’s why functional training is so important for your health. This realization was vital for me. I was born in 1982 in Bruchsal, Karlsruhe. After graduating from high school, I followed my call to adventure. As an officer of the Bundeswehr, I was able to prove myself, both in sport and in the function of instructor and educator. I love challenges and would describe myself as very creative. Therefore, I have continued my education in the field of functional training in parallel with my studies in sports sciences. This form of training demands not only physicaly more than conventional fitness training. It requires a deeper understanding of biomechanics and anatomy, which I have acquired over many years, also in the USA. With the establishment of my own Personal Training Studio since 2010, I am able to put this functional science into practice. In the meantime, I train other knowledge-hungry trainers and physiotherapists. My specially developed training equipment makes it possible for me to set much more targeted training stimuli. I am also working on my doctorate, with which I would like to further scientifically foundation functional anatomy.