The basis of your Functional Training career – solid education

Welcome to the most important decision of your life as a trainer or therapist. Choosing your education. There are basically two possibilities for education in fitness and training. You choose the classic way via licenses, end up in the gym and will hire specialists in the equipment. Or you will learn to understandthe person with his movement, and then successfully apply your functional knowledge in training and therapy. The second option is much more complex. But it will set you apart from the rest of the fitness scene. It is the right way to go. That’s why you’re on this page.

In our training, Peter Franken and I, Patrick Herzog, pass on sound functional knowledge directly to you. From our shared experience and the constant exchange with caregivers from athletics and therapy in top sport, we know which details are necessary for success. We love and live what we do. And that’s what we’re showing you!

You want to learn functional stretching?

As a stretchme trainer, you apply functional whole body stretching. This unique method with instant effect frees joints and blockages. Therefore, we use these Preparation techniques to prepare a training, after a competition or as preventive measures. No manual prior knowledge as a therapist is required. The handles and manipulations are gentle. Thanks to our special levering techniques, the required force is minimal, even the user relaxes during a stetchme session.

stretchme Level 1

As a fitness trainer, personal trainer or physiotherapist, you will learn how to apply functional stretching to your client. Maximum benefit with minimal use is a recipe for success here. Most of the techniques are implemented without aids. Rubber bands or PATriggers have a supportive effect. Therefore, Level 1 is ideal for use in the gym,on travel,in the athlete’s care “on the road”, at customers at home or as a fast fix before/during/after a Functional Training session.

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Personal Training applies fascial stretching to shoulder in personal training

stretchme Level 2

Classic stretching is history after your training as a stretchme trainer. In Level 2 you will learn functional techniques on the treatment couch. Based on the fixation system and lever techniques applied, you equip your arsenal of manual skills with a powerful weapon. Participation in Level 2 does not require the previous attendance of the Level 1 seminar. This module is particularly suitable for physiotherapists or personal trainerswho either want to look after their patients individually or offer stretchme as a service in the company’s health management.

stretchme Level 3

This is the most effective and intense version of stretchme. You will learn extremely effective techniques and manipulations that trigger a deep feel-good effect on your clients. The combination of functional positions with traction and additional movement creates a very close connection between manual work and functional training. The transfer of functional joint movement into the everyday or sport-specific requirement takes place directly. We teach the stretching techniques with the help of the PATower. Attendance at previous seminars is recommended, but not subject to.

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Functional Training is not only the crowd-pullerat national and international congresses. Various events also benefit from the ever-increasing interest of the public and the enormous enthusiasm of all participants. We support your project with our functional know-how.

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You want to integrate PAT into your practice or gym?

The Kraftkern team from Switzerland with lots of fun at the FUNctional In-House Training

You have physiotherapy? Is the CEO of a gym? Or would you like to significantly increase the professional qualifications of your staff? With a PAT InHouse– training in your everyday working environment you get the maximum transfer of our functional knowledge to your institution. We know from experience that the integration of functional training into a fitness club or a classic practice does not always go smoothly. Here we have some tricks that will help you quickly and easily refresh your staff and thus also your clientele!

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