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Fascia roller exercises with PATrigger

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  1. stretchme4u - stretching with instant effect
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Gluteale Amnesie Faszienrolle PATrigger 1
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Gluteale Amnesie Faszienrolle PATrigger 2
Combat gluteal amnesia

Gluteal amnesia or "Dead Butt Syndrome" is one of the vices that every office athlete has to deal with. Frequent sitting or standing increases back pain, especially in the lower back. Unfortunately, common interventions such as massage or stretching do not help bring the butt back to life. At best, these can loosen tension, but they can't functionally activate the hip muscles. You need to remind your butt what it's actually made for - because it's simply forgotten!

The consequences of gluteal amnesia are, as mentioned earlier, back pain, knee problems, loss of hip mobility, deterioration of your gait pattern, even neck pain.

This functional exercise can help against gluteal amnesia. You train your balance and hip control. Perform the exercise in a controlled but dynamic manner to benefit from the activation in running disciplines or athletic training.

Here's how

Clamp your knee into the opening of the PATball of the PATriggerFix your free leg parallel to the floor against a wall. Move your free leg back and touch the floor with the tip of your foot. Now bring the knee above hip level to the wall and try to balance on the tip of the foot. Meanwhile, switch your hands to the hip of the upper leg. Make sure you keep an upright posture. Repeat the gluteal amnesia exercise 15 times per side.

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