PATmat Starter - Beginner's Course on Functional Fitness Mat

PATmat Starter

In this course, dive with me into the fascinating possibilities of PATmat. Discover how you can seamlessly integrate this innovative tool into your everyday life and how it can optimally support you in your training, coaching or even diagnostic measures. Together we will explore the versatile application areas of the PATmat and you will learn how to use it specifically to achieve maximum results. Whether you want to improve your own performance, effectively care for your clients or perform precise diagnostic measures - the PATmat will become an indispensable companion in your everyday work. Experience the revolutionary capabilities of this tool and learn how to use it to best meet your needs. Prepare to take your expertise to the next level and achieve outstanding results. Are you ready to discover the exciting application possibilities of PATmat and integrate them into your everyday work? Then join us and let's open the doors to new experiences together.
I recommend this course for:
  • Office Athletes
  • Ambitious athletes
  • Fitness trainer
  • personal trainer
  • Athletics trainer
  • Physiotherapists

Advantages of PATmat training:

  • High fun factor
  • Playful learning of functional movement patterns
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Ideal for individual and also group training
  • Exercises for your stretchme
  • mobility training
  • Strength Training
  • Functional endurance training
  • Sport specific training
  • Instant side-by-side comparison and analysis of your imbalances
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What I'm gonna show you in this class:

  • Screening and testing with the PATmat fitness mat
  • Functional stretching on the PATmat
  • Coordination exercises on the PATmat
  • Functional leg exercises
  • Functional exercises for shoulder, arms and chest
  • Core training with the PATmat fitness mat
  • Mini Band and Superband Training
  • Exercises with a sling trainer
  • Exercises with kettlebell and barbell
  • Further applications of the PATmat
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What participants say:

The PATmat is a perfect product for me!

Herbert Pichler

personal trainer

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Course Includes

  • 15 modules
  • 50 exercises
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