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PATmat Starter - Beginner's Course on Functional Fitness Mat

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  1. Introduction
    3 Übungen
  2. Functional stretching on the PATmat
    10 Übungen
  3. Motion analysis with the PATmat
    4 Übungen
  4. Coordination exercises on the PATmat
    4 Übungen
  5. Functional Band Training
    4 Übungen
  6. Functional exercises for the legs
    7 Übungen
  7. Functional training exercises for shoulder, arms and chest
    2 Übungen
  8. Core training exercises with the PATmat
    2 Übungen
  9. Barbell training on the PATmat
    1 Übung
  10. Kettlebell training on the PATmat
    1 Übung
  11. Cable pull exercises on the PATmat
    2 Übungen
  12. Sling Trainer exercises with PATmat
    1 Übung
  13. Fitness exercises with several PATmats
    2 Übungen
  14. Training exercises with PATmat and PATrigger
    1 Übung
  15. Have fun with your PATmat training
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As an office athlete, do you have back pain, especially in your lower back, from sitting so much?

We solve this problem. Often the hip flexor and your leg muscles are under high tension. This then has a negative effect on your mobility. With this simple exercise you can get rid of your back pain or even start your health management for prevention. This exercise is very easy to integrate into your everyday life.

  1. Sit on the #PATmat and stretch one leg forward
  2. Bend the leg 90 degrees and align it in the bullseye
  3. Extend the other leg backwards on the mat
  4. With the free arm you guide the upper body forward
  5. 10 repetitions per side

Repeat the exercise daily and see what changes.