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PATmat Starter - Beginner's Course on Functional Fitness Mat

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  1. Introduction
    2 Übungen
  2. Functional stretching on the PATmat
    10 Übungen
  3. Motion analysis with the PATmat
    4 Übungen
  4. Coordination exercises on the PATmat
    4 Übungen
  5. Functional Band Training
    3 Übungen
  6. Functional exercises for the legs
    7 Übungen
  7. Functional training exercises for shoulder, arms and chest
    2 Übungen
  8. Core training exercises with the PATmat
    2 Übungen
  9. Barbell training on the PATmat
    2 Übungen
  10. Kettlebell training on the PATmat
    2 Übungen
  11. Cable pull exercises on the PATmat
    2 Übungen
  12. Sling Trainer exercises with PATmat
    3 Übungen
  13. Fitness exercises with several PATmats
    2 Übungen
  14. Training exercises with PATmat and PATrigger
    2 Übungen
  15. Have fun with your PATmat training
    1 Übung
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For this exercise you need:
Training mat PATmat
The motion compass with twister effect.



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