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FLEXVIT Bands Reloaded Pro - the basics of functional training with bands!

Together with my partner FLEXVIT, I go into the basics of training with bands. Here, the main focus is on the "why" and "how". Here we deal with the basic movement pattern "gait" as a starting point for analysis, as well as possible corrections and ultimately the improvement of performance, both for everyday life and for the performance-oriented athlete. Human movement and training is thus considered under a functional aspect, which can be optimally influenced with ligaments. You will learn about the seven basic human movements, be able to analyze in terms of predominant compensation patterns, and gain the ability to correct them with ligaments and other aids, as well as design an uplifting workout.

From the basics to highly specific application

This course is designed for coaches and therapists who want to gain a basic understanding of human movement and functional training. Graduates of our "Band Essentials" course will be able to help their athletes, clients and/or patients avoid pain, cope with demanding daily life and achieve athletic goals.

The online course includes

  • 3h video material (available on-demand)
  • Independent modules with learning checks
  • Summaries in the text
  • Additional exercise videos explained in detail
  • FLEXVIT certificate upon completion
  • Regular exchange with Coach Patrick possible
  • Become part of the FLEXVIT Training & Education Community

Understand & Apply Functional Band Training!

1. theory

1.1 Presentation FLEXVIT

1.2 Your tapes

1.3 What can you expect in this course?

1.4 Basics of fitness training

1.5 Fundamentals of functional training

1.6 The functional band training

 2. practice

2.1. squat (squat)

2.2. lunge (lung)

2.3. hip flexion (hinge)

2.4 Pull movement (Pull)

2.5 Push movement (Push)

2.6 Rotational movement (rotation)

2.7. support (plank)

 3. exercise examples

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Course Includes

  • 1 module

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