Strapping techniques with PATband

Strapping techniques with PATband

The PATband opens up new possibilities for your functional training and therapeutic use. Unlike conventional resistance bands, the PATband is made of stretchable, elastic textile and is over 5cm wide. It is therefore particularly suitable for our strapping techniques, as it lies on the body like a second skin. During functional movements, the PATband creates a resistance very close to the body, which activates various muscle loops as an additional training stimulus and optimizes posture. Weaknesses can be treated very effectively and gently with this new approach. The strappings generate a rotational load component that cannot be reproduced with classic exercises or treatment techniques. In this course I will show you various ways of applying the PATband.  
I recommend this course for:
  • Ambitious athletes
  • Fitness trainer
  • personal trainer
  • Athletics trainer
  • Physiotherapists

Advantages of PATband strapping:

  • Body resistance
  • Applicable during the practice of the sport
  • Favourable leverage ratios
  • Load that is easy on the joints
  • High therapeutic benefit
  • Application of therapeutic techniques in sport-specific positions
  • Rapid neuromuscular transfer
  • Always and everywhere applicable
Strapping Techniken Ganzkörper mit PATband

What you'll learn in this course:

  • The application of 23 strapping techniques
  • Corresponding application recommendations of the respective technology

What you need for this course:

  • Your PATband
  • One attachment point depending on the technology

What participants say:

"Strappings are new and a real value add to functional exercise!"

Philipp Seidl

Sports Scientist

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Course Includes

  • 3 modules
  • 23 exercises