stretchme Level 1 online

stretchme Level 1

Stretchme as a functional stretching concept creates immediate joint relief and increases mobility with a feel-good effect. In this level 1 online training you learn techniques without and with small aids. These effective stretching techniques can be used anytime and anywhere. Increase not only your sales, but also ensure with this unique selling proposition especially for sustainable customer loyalty and increased new customer acquisition.
I recommend this course for:
  • Ambitious athletes
  • Fitness trainer
  • personal trainer
  • Athletics trainer
  • Physiotherapists


With stretchme's functional stretching techniques you learn the gentle application of stretching. Without causing pain, you relieve joints and increase the range of motion of your clients. This increased range of motion feels immediately liberating to your clients and greatly increases your value as a trainer. Level 1 techniques give you the opportunity to work specifically on pain relief, increased mobility and well-being anytime, anywhere.


You have several options to apply stretchme level 1 techniques: 

  • As preparation or support for a training session in the gym, with clients or on the road (I recommend choosing specific techniques depending on your focus and individual needs)
  • Before, during or after sport-specific stress, whether in training or during competition. The techniques can be used spontaneously, independent of location and indication-specific.
  • To support regeneration and loosening in case of tension in a stretchme application
stretchme Functional Stretching Hufttasche |


  • A gentle and comfortable grip with little use of your strength! This means that the right technique leads to the goal. Your own body strength plays a subordinate role with practiced technique.
  • A training partner, athlete, client or patient, whom you either want to prepare for special exercises or functionally loosen up with stretchme. 
  • A few techniques require the PATrigger. Level 1, however, will teach you tools of the trade, most of which you will not need any aids for. 
stretchme Funktionelles Stretching |


This is an online course, which is divided into different modules (see the overview below). You click from lesson to lesson and I show you step by step the different techniques. You determine your own learning speed. You can watch each video as often as you like. The course remains online for you even after you have completed it and received your certificate. The "Free Previews" give you a taste of the course without having to buy it. If you don't have "hands on" experience, I highly recommend attending a live training. Use this online course as preparation. To deepen the grip techniques and individual corrections, I also recommend professionals to visit the Workshops.

Zertifikat stretchme Felix Flexibel |


First: practice, practice, practice. The most common mistake when using stretchme level 1 is using too much force (which is not necessary). With constant practice you will refine your technique. And this is where the magic happens! Your clients will love the gentle application of your techniques. Stretchme is addictive! To deepen your techniques you should definitely attend one of the live seminars! Only after successful participation in a live workshop you can officially call yourself a stretchme trainer. Optionally I also offer InHouse trainings. Please contact me personally for further details.

stretchme Faszien Dehnen |



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My clients claim I have magic hands...!"

Gerhard Brugger

personal trainer

Hi Patrick, I have been through the online seminar stretchme. Wow, first of all I am very impressed by your expertise. With what precision you set the handles and everything super explained ... strong! I can only recommend your online seminar, great content!
Michael Jäckel

personal trainer


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My customers are thrilled as punch!"

personal trainer

I have been stretching for about 4 years and have taken a lot from Thai massage, rhythmic gymnastics, chiroflexing but never had a good mentor/trainer. I was disappointed with many mobility trainings but learned a lot here. This was continuing education for me - new ideas, new grips! I watched all the videos late into the night yesterday 😄 because there were massaging movements shown and I would super love to incorporate those too. An enrichment for my offers 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

personal trainer

Fasziales Stretching mit stretchme |

The stretchme Level 1 and Level 2 techniques are incorporated into each of my treatments. The advantage of the online trainings is that I can look up or refresh something at any time. Even experienced therapists with a variety of advanced training will find new and extremely effective techniques here!



Hey Patrick, I bet my wife is mad at you because she hasn't seen me since last night. I started yesterday at noon with the stretchme course 1 and was thrilled from the beginning. The techniques shown are really great, I have already tried the first on my always tense child. I couldn't stop myself and started stretchme course 2 straight after, again the enthusiasm hasn't died down. I am looking forward to using what I have seen on my clients after practicing. Today at lunchtime I still couldn't put the tablet down unfortunately. After the battery was full again, I went straight to the PATmat course, and what can I say? This is where it totally knocked my socks off. I have now watched the program in one go and I'm thrilled, really great job. All in all I have to give you a big praise and my respect. Everything is great and structured, plus the great videos with your friendly manner. I think you will not have seen me the last time in your online shop.
Frank S.


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