stretchme Level 2 online

stretchme Level 2

Stretchme as a functional stretching concept creates immediate joint relief and increases mobility with a feel-good effect. In this level 2 online training you learn techniques on a treatment table. You will use these effective stretching techniques as a trainer or therapist on your clients. This will not only increase your turnover, but also ensure sustainable customer loyalty and increased new customer acquisition with this unique selling point.  
I recommend this course for:
  • personal trainer
  • Athletics trainer
  • Physiotherapists
  • healing professions

How this course will make you better:

With stretchme's functional stretching techniques you learn the gentle application of stretching. Without causing pain, you relieve joints and expand the range of motion of your clients.

This increased mobility feels immediately liberating for your clients and significantly increases your value as a trainer or therapist. Level 2 techniques give you the opportunity to work in a highly professional and targeted manner on freedom from pain, increased mobility and well-being. In combination with a stretchme treatment table you increase this effect many times over!

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When you use the techniques:

You have several options to apply stretchme level 2 techniques:

  • As stretchme application for relaxation and joint relief (I recommend an application duration of 40min for the whole body)
  • As a stretchme unit in the company health management to loosen tensions and increase the ability to work (I recommend an application duration of 20min)
  • As preparation or support of a training session (I recommend the selection of specific techniques depending on the focus with an application duration of max. 10min)
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What you need for stretchme level 2:

  • A gentle and comfortable grip with little use of your strength! This means that the right technique leads to the goal. Your own body strength plays a subordinate role with practiced technique.
  • A treatment couch. The one I use stretchme treatment table meets all requirements. You can also perform almost all techniques on a mobile couch or a standard therapy couch.
  • 2 PATbandswhich are required for about half of all techniques.

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