Discover Stretchme's revolutionary stretching concept and become pain-free without effort! By combining functional training and therapy, you'll feel your flexibility and performance improve - without breaking a sweat. Experience the immediate effect and the irresistible addiction factor of Stretchme!
I recommend this course for:
  • Office Athletes
  • Ambitious athletes
  • Fitness trainer
  • personal trainer
  • Athletics trainer
  • Physiotherapists

that's why stretchme4u is a must:

  • You do not sweat
  • You don't need a coach
  • You feel immediate joint relief
  • Your functional mobility increases
  • Always and everywhere convertible
  • Minimal effort due to multifunctional tools
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Ideal for you alone or in a group
  • Do it as your own stretching session or to prepare for your workout

What I'm gonna show you in this class:

  • Quick and easy stretching techniques you can do anywhere
  • Functional stretching with and without the PATtools
  • Your mobilisation exercises for in between
  • Exercises you can incorporate into your own stretching routine 

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Course Includes

  • 2 modules
  • 10 exercises