Release tension with fascia training

Release tension with fascia training

I show you exercises for "fit fascia". This article was published in the "FÜRSIE" magazine with the title "Fascia Workout".

Release tension, relieve pain, tone muscles

Everyone talks about fascia - but what is it anyway? The largest tissue in the body envelops our muscles and organs like a spider web. If the fasciae are tense, we often have pain and can't move as well. 

Dem has Patrick Herzogpersonal trainer and Germany's first functional therapist, has developed a tool and workout to counter this. The Munich native with his own studio has developed the "PATrigger" invented, a helpful training tool that is more than an ordinary fascia roller, because it consists of three parts that can be combined: Roller, ball and cone ( called "avocado"). Thus, it can not only massage the often agglutinated sheaths of the muscles, but also - for example, with the cone - loosen deeply hardened connective tissue structures through selective pressure and thus almost replace the physiotherapist.

The result: The body feels loose and free again, pain is relieved. The general posture improves, the blood circulation is increased, the mobility is optimized. All these factors have a positive effect on staying young - and feeling young.

We show you here the best exercises to release tension with fascia training for "fit" fascia and more well-being in everyday life.

Hip stretch 
Verspannungen lösen mit Faszientraining

The backbend on the roller increases the mobility of the front of the leg and stretches the whole body.

Here's how

Sit on the heels and lean on the tool. Using gentle pressure of the lower legs into the floor and the hands on the roller, push the pelvis forward exhaling. Finally, pinch the buttocks together. Repeat 10 times.

Calf stretch
Stretch Kopf bis Fuß Wadenstretch Hüftdehnung Faszienrolle PATrigger
Stretch Kopf bis Fuß Wadenstretch Hüftdehnung Faszienrolle PATrigger

Sitting or standing for a long time causes the calf muscles to shorten. This exercise effectively stretches them.  

Here's how

Stand with heel and ball of the foot on the roller. Bend the upper body forward and straighten up from this position. Stretch hips forward as far as possible, 15 times per side.

Diaphragm massage
PATrigger Zwerchfellmassage 1 |
PATrigger Zwerchfellmassage 2 |

Breathing is essential for life. Here the body is supported by loosening the respiratory muscles. 

Here's how

Lie on your back, place the cone tip under the ribcage. As you exhale, increase the pressure, bringing the tool up toward the rib cage and along the pain points. Repeat several times per side.

Spine mobilization
PATrigger Wirbelsaeulenmobilisierung |

Loosens the chest and creates space in the chest for breathing again. 

Here's how

Lie on the roller with your back just below your shoulder blades, straighten your legs, rest your arms.
The further up, the greater the stretch of the chest and shoulders. Linger for one minute and breathe deeply.

Trunk activation
PATrigger Aktivierung Huefte und Rumpf |

The wake-up call for the postural muscles! This full-body exercise promotes balance, mobility and also body tension. 

Here's how

From a single leg stance, pull one knee up above hip level. Try to stand on the toe for as long as possible while the tool is at the side of the swing leg hip.

Shoulder stretch
PATrigger Dehnung Brust und Schulter Lockere deine Schultermuskulatur 1 |
Faszienrolle PATrigger Stretching Übungen Dehnung Brust und Schulter Lockere deine Schultermuskulatur

Loosens the shoulder muscles and relieves tension with fascia training. This is important in everyday life, because far too often we tense our shoulders.

Here's how

In a kneeling position, place the outstretched hand on the roller, while exhaling bring the sternum closer to the floor. Repeat 15 times, alternate.

Back activation
PATrigger Rueckenaktivierung 1 |
PATrigger Rueckenaktivierung 2 |

This exercise activates muscles that have virtually fallen asleep due to a frequently sedentary posture and improves posture.

Here's how

Clamp the roller behind the back with the elbows. Open hands outward parallel to the floor. Ensure upright posture. Repeat 15 times without dropping the roll.

Selbstmassage Faszienrolle Unterarm PATrigger |

This is where the "avocado" comes into play. Hardened or tense muscle structures in the hand, foot, forearm or lower leg are so beautifully massaged and relaxed. 

Here's how

Place the flat tip on the pain points and increase the pressure on them. Maintain calm breathing and push the tip of the cone along the muscle structures. One minute per side.

Hip mobilization
PATrigger Hueftmobilisierung 1 |
PATrigger Hueftmobilisierung 2 |

This "fountain of youth" movement increases hip mobility and activates the muscles at the same time.

Here's how

Place the roller behind your back, grasping it tightly so that your fingers touch. Move knees from left to right, keeping chest upright. Bring knees to the floor at the same time. 15 times.

PATrigger Liegestuetz 1 |
PATrigger Liegestuetz 2 |

The best bodyweight exercise for the whole upper body. Rolling puts less stress on the shoulders than normal push-ups.

Here's how

Position the roller above the knees, keeping the back in a neutral position while performing the push-up. Make sure that the head is always in front of the fingertips. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Personal Training Muenchen Patrick Herzog Ismaning |

Issue 19/2021, Fascia Workout with Patrick Herzog - Release tension with fascia training

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