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Fascia roller exercises with PATrigger

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  1. PATrigger: stretchme4u
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  2. PATrigger: Stretching exercises
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  3. PATrigger: Mobility exercises
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  4. Self-massage exercises
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  5. PATrigger: Trigger point exercises
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  6. PATrigger: relaxation exercises
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  7. PATrigger: Bodyweight exercises
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  8. PATrigger: Core Exercises
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  9. PATrigger: Leg exercises
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  10. PATrigger: butt exercises
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  11. PATrigger: Golf exercises
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  12. PATrigger: Tennis exercises
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Modul 12, Übung 5
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Exercise 5: Side jump with rotation

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Secure the pulley with the balls of your thumbs and rotate it as far out as possible over your outer leg. With a jump to the opposite side, shift your weight to your other leg and turn the pulley as far as possible to the opposite side. Repeat this explosive movement 15 times in each direction.
Setup: Roll
Fascia roller PATrigger

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