Fitness band exercises with PATband

Fitness band exercises with PATband

Looking for the best exercises with your PATband? Then check out all the functional fitness band exercises here and train along! Have fun!
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Follow my basic rules for a healthy workout:

Make sure you perform your exercise in a controlled manner. Perform them only as fast as you feel safe in the movement. Increase the speed depending on the training goal without losing the quality of the execution.

Basically, exhale through your mouth when exercising against the resistance of the band or moving up from the floor. The inhalation occurs when you yield to the resistance of the band or approach the floor.

Stop the exercise when it can no longer be performed in a controlled manner without evasive movements. This occurs before you feel the typical burning sensation in the muscle, which is not necessary for a purely functional training stimulus.

Pull your belly button inwards and straighten your chest. This will prevent your pelvis from tilting forward and increasing your natural hollow back. Also avoid unwanted head movements, such as pulling your chin towards your chest. These compensatory movements have the effect of worsening your posture through training instead of improving it!

The PATband gives you the possibility to vary the exercise intensity from easy to hard. Shorten the band or double it if you want to train with higher resistance. Depending on the exercise, training goal and performance level, you can adjust the elasticity of the band to suit you. Always make sure that all exercises are performed correctly, regardless of the speed at which you perform them. 

If you don't feel comfortable with an exercise or feel pain, it makes sense to replace it with an alternative. But: Just because you find an exercise difficult and exhausting, it does not mean that you should no longer do it. Because often it is exactly these exercises that bring you further!

The fast track to success is always linked to intensive coaching. Through my guidance in coaching you will better control your exercises and perform them without compensation. Thus, your sources of error are minimized and the effectiveness is increased many times over. Please contact me personally for this.

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