Fascia roller PATrigger

"The evolution of the fascia roller!"

(7 in 1 tool for more than just fascia training...!)

What is the PATrigger?

The PATrigger is a 7 in 1 tool and more than just a fascia roller. Use it to loosen tense muscles, to activate upright posture and as a training tool. 

Its small size allows you to take it anywhere or store it in your desk drawer. So use it whenever you need it.

Ball and avocado find their place in the side receptacles of the roller and do not get lost in the depths of your training bag.

The specifications

Faszienrolle PATrigger

What can the PATrigger do?

| PAT.fit

As a training tool, the PATrigger helps you implement functional exercises. It makes it easier to move your body into specific positions and to stabilize it. It is therefore the perfect training partner.

With the PATrigger you can reach all parts of the body. Use it as a stretching tool to relieve pressure on joints or to trigger and treat specific parts of the body. Enjoy the instant effect thanks to its help.

The PATrigger has a special surface structure to treat your muscles fascial. Determine the intensity of your massage yourself and free yourself from tension. 


Never again without the fascia roller PATrigger!


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Fascia roller was yesterday, PATrigger is today.

7 different setups make the PATrigger so versatile.
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining
Faszienrolle PATrigger für Faszientraining

"FÜRSIE" magazine writes:

Release blockages and improve your posture.

Eliminate blockages through movement

Frequent sitting, one-sided strain or classic fitness training inhibit the mobility of your spine. The roller helps you to restore mobility to your body and to release possible blockages.

Train upright posture

With a length of 42cm, the PATrigger supports you in your daily fight against gravity. You activate important supporting muscles, improve your posture and thus prevent complaints.

Act specifically on problem areas.

Reach deep lying tensions

The tip of the avocado significantly intensifies your daily massage. It gives you the opportunity to work on your tissues in a more targeted way, as it corresponds to the size of your therapist's thumb.

Massage and mobilize at the same time

The PATrigger opens up more possibilities for you. You massage your muscles and can actively move them at the same time. This increases your joint mobility enormously and helps to increase your strength!


The PATrigger has everything you need!


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Fight pain and exercise healthy.

Loosen up tense areas of the body

Self-massage with the PATrigger works as if from the hand of your therapist. The surface structure is modeled on human skin and thus unfolds the optimal effect.

Stabilize yourself in the movement

The foam material is robust, lightweight and skin-friendly. Use the PATrigger not only for massage, but also to perform exercises in a more targeted manner and thus make the workout even more effective. 


I sit a lot at work. In my free time, I therefore have no desire for pain. The problems I had in the past have all been completely solved with my PATrigger.

Christian, office athlete

Just become more efficient.

Keep your movement up to date

Frequent sitting and physical inactivity cause your movement to become sluggish. The PATrigger gives you stability. So you can concentrate fully on your movement task.

Stretch the whole body

With functional stretching techniques you create an immediate effect. This relieves your joints, prevents pain or overload and makes your training more effective.

The best exercises are now even better.

All the exercises you use in your workout today can now be made even more intense and effective with the PATrigger. Use it before, during or after your workout. Use it to counteract tension at any time, increase your mobility and improve your performance!


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I always have the PATrigger in my luggage and I need my daily exercises, especially when I don't have time to work out.

Simone, travels a lot for work

Save money!

Get the 7 in 1 fascia roller.
mockup sammlung patrigger scaled | PAT.fit
  • Roll Value: 39€

    replaces any conventional fascia roller

  • Avocado Value: 19€

    Trigger tool

  • Massage ball Value: 12€

    Trigger tool

  • Made in Germany

Fascia roller with 3 parts

Instead of 70€

Only 49,80€

You're looking for exercises?

You can find them in my online course system. Log in with your account (or register) and get access to your first functional exercises with the PATrigger!

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I get asked these questions a lot.

The main difference is the added benefit that the PATrigger gives you. In fact, many years ago I also owned conventional fascia rollers. These served their purpose to some extent. I could massage myself on them. But nothing more. And even for that they were not optimal: too short, too thick and too unwieldy. I came up with the idea of optimizing the geometry. The PATrigger was developed shorter and thinner. I integrated holders for two additional massage tools and thus created a miracle of space. Thus, the PATrigger is suitable for much more than the so-called "fascia rolling".

Absolutely. Conversely, I would have to say no. Because if you already own a PATrigger, you can save yourself the purchase of a fascia roller. It would be too thick and too short to work effectively with it anyway. As an office athlete, the PATrigger is essential. It even fits in your drawer...

I regularly post functional exercises on my social channels. However, I have found that there is no substitute for coaching with professional and detailed guidance. That's why you should join my online coaching program. Besides exercises with the PATrigger, you will find many other tips for a healthy and pain-free life!

If your physiotherapy practice does not already work with the PATrigger, then simply talk to your therapist. He can support you in the application of individual techniques. If your practice still works with conventional fascia rolls, please point out the advantages of the PATrigger.

Sure! That's even what it was designed for. As a lightweight with 150g and a length of 42cm your PATrigger fits in your training backpack or in the drawer of your desk. So you always have it at hand and fight tensions before they arise!

Unfortunately no! In order to be able to offer the PATrigger to you so favorably, it is produced as a set. Therefore no single parts are offered.