Fitness band PATband

Your muscle shaper for strength and posture

56,80 - 158,80

Discover the PATband - the world's most versatile fitness band that shapes your muscles to improve your posture in the long run!

That is why the PATband is so popular
Fitnessband PATband
Fitnessband PATband
Fitnessband PATband
Fitnessband PATband
Made in Germany Kopie 1 |

56,80 - 158,80


Probably the longest elastic fitness band in the world does without rubber and is washable and tear-resistant with skin-friendly textile.


With 15 loops, you have the ability to perform a variety of exercise variations and adjust resistance during strength or stretching exercises.

The PATband is an all-rounder and is suitable for stretching, mobilization, endurance and strength training as well as therapy and yoga exercises.

Office athletes worldwide train with PATband

This is what they say

The PATband is a unique way to train functional movements with near-body resistance throughout the kinetic chain.
The PATband helps me maintain an upright posture at work. The mixture of stability and flexibility gives me enough freedom of movement and supports me at the same time.
Yogi and office athlete
I really didn't know I had side abs and back muscles until now, with the PATband I now train them!
Mother and office athlete
The PATband helps me to execute the stroke faster and harder with increased torso tension due to band resistance.

The most versatile fitness band in the world

Flexible to use

The fitness band allows over 1000 exercises and is handy, lightweight and portable. Compared to bulky dumbbells, it offers elastic resistance and variable exercise intensity.

Comfortable to wear

What makes the PATband truly unique are the revolutionary strapping techniques. Wrap the flexible fitness band tightly around your body to create body-hugging resistance that takes your exercises to the next level.

For all training levels

The PATband is available in three exciting colors: Pink (Soft) for therapy and light training, Blue (Strong) for functional training and athletics, and Olive (Tactical) for bodybuilding and strength training.

Train anywhere - without dumbbells!

Perform all exercises without heavy dumbbells. Anywhere you are at the moment. Use the progressive resistance of the fitness band and increase your training effectiveness to a whole new level!

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Become more flexible and improve your posture

Most movement pain, including back pain, is caused by repetitive one-sided strain. Think about your own daily routine: do you spend a lot of time sitting, maybe even arching your back slightly? Do you tend to hyperextend your neck when looking at a screen, causing your head to tilt back and your chin to move upward while your arms are mostly in front of your body? If so, you're putting a one-sided strain on your muscles and joints.

Where muscles and tissues are moved little, they become matted and hardened - especially with typical sitting, especially in the chest and abdominal area. To counteract these strains, the body has to compensate differently, for example through the back muscles. This leads to tension, which can strain joints and intervertebral discs. Pain is then your body's alarm. As a consequence, you have to adopt a relieving posture, which in the long run leads to a negative change in your posture. 

This is how the PATband fitness band helps you

The Fitness Band is your personal therapist, helping you take your stretching to a new level. With its elastic textile resistance, it not only allows you to stretch deeper than ever before, but also simultaneously strengthens the muscles when stretched and supports a lasting improvement in your posture. Discover the ultimate intensity in your stretching workout!

Fitnessband PATband
Active stretch
Use the support of the fitness band to stretch the back of your legs. The PATband leads you into an intense stretch, and as you straighten against the resistance, you improve your posture at the same time.
Fitnessband PATband
Full body stretching

Improve your flexibility from hand to foot with a functional stretch. The fitness band gently pulls your arm upward, stretching not only your chest and shoulders, but also the inside of your legs. Actively work against the resistance of the band and feel your flexibility increase instantly.

Fitnessband PATband
Relieve problem zones

Relieve annoying neck tension with the Neck Rocker. Gently place the soft textile of the fitness band against the back of your head while the weight of your leg pulls your head forward and gently stretches your neck. Relax and enjoy this soothing stretching experience.

So often and long I recommend to practice

If you want to be permanently pain-free and maintain your flexibility, it is advisable to perform your stretching program at least once a day, 6 days a week. Especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle, regular stretching is of great importance. So stay on the ball!

Protect your body with strong stability

The foundation of a healthy body, where you feel pain-free, flexible and agile, and at the same time strong and enduring, lies in your stability. Your goal should be to train your body so that you are always in full control of it - whether in everyday life, while sitting, standing or walking, during sports or even in unexpected situations such as slipping on slippery surfaces or tripping on the stairs. The range of stability requirements is enormously diverse, so it's crucial to strengthen it in an equally versatile way. With the PATband, you achieve just that!

Fitnessband PATband Standwaage
Balance in movement

Mastering standing on one leg is important, but even more crucial is maintaining this balance during exercises. Walking itself represents a continuous change of balance from left to right. To be as efficient as possible and prepare your body accordingly, a dynamic standing balance is one of the essential exercises.

Fitnessband PATband Kniebeuge
Power from the hip

The key muscle for a healthy back is your gluteus. The gluteus connects the upper body to the lower body. When you exercise it during a squat on the wall with PATrigger, many other muscles are activated at the same time. This makes this exercise not only more effective, but also more important for the interaction of your body.

Fitnessband PATband Wirbelsäule stabilisieren
Trunk stability

Often, exercises that emphasize spinal rotation are neglected because they are not feasible with conventional training equipment. However, these exercises should definitely be integrated into your training. With the PATband, you can easily perform rotational movements while strengthening the important stabilizing muscles of the spine.

So often and long I recommend to practice

Exercises to increase your stability quickly show noticeable and visible progress. Already with 2-3 training sessions per week you will be thrilled in no time. However, it is important to note that these exercises should be a lifelong companion. As you age, balance and body stability become more important as they effectively protect you from injury and age-related degradation.

Free yourself from pain

Whether it's to relieve back or neck pain, increase flexibility, or aid in rehabilitation after injury, PATband is the most effective fitness band to relieve pain and improve your quality of life, made of washable textile for a comfortable skin feel. Use it like no other band to promote your health and well-being!

Fitnessband PATband Schulterretter
Shoulder saver

Shoulder pain is often caused by excessive tension in the muscles and fascia. Through targeted training with the fitness band you can normalize these tensions - in a simple and long-lasting way. Stretch your entire chest and optimize your posture with this shoulder stretch. 

Fitnessband PATband Nackenretter
Neck saver
Like a gentle touch from your therapist, the PATband wraps around your arm. You place one foot on the band, which pulls your arm down. This relieves pressure on your shoulder and your neck experiences a soothing stretch. Feel the effect immediately with your neck saver.
Fitnessband PATband Haltungstrainer
Posture trainer

Put on the strap and choose the intensity of the tension. It will guide your shoulders into the right position, releasing the tension in your chest and allowing you to breathe more freely. After using it, you will feel yourself becoming more upright, liberated and relaxed as you go about your day. 10 minutes a day can work wonders.

Your perfect fitness band

No matter what your goals are, the PATband is always the right choice. Choose the fitness band that best suits your needs now, or take advantage of the best offer and get all three bands now. Take advantage of the full range of PATband possibilities with all three strengths!

PATband Soft

  • Yoga
  • Therapy
  • Gentle stretching
  • Light weight training

PATband Strong

  • Stretching
  • Strapping
  • Strength Training
  • Athletic training

PATband Tactical

  • Stretching
  • Strapping
  • Strength Training
  • Bodybuilding
Best deal

PATband Package

  • PATband Soft
  • PATband Strong
  • PATband Tactical
  • Lowest price

Train at home like in the gym

For a healthy and functional workout, from now on you never have to go to a gym. The PATband offers countless possibilities. It can even completely replace a pulley. Simply attach the PATband to a stable anchor point and train with the free end, choosing the loop that matches your desired intensity. The PATband can also be used with the Fascia roller PATrigger be attached to a door or window without leaving scratches on sensitive surfaces.

Fitnessband PATband Home Gym Squat
Squat with support

The best exercises for training the legs and buttocks are squats. The PATband can help you with this complex exercise by gently guiding you into a deep and intense squat. This allows you to fully focus on performing the exercise correctly and minimizes the risk of misalignment.

Fitnessband PATband Home Gym Rudern
Rowing for the back

One-arm standing rowing is an extremely important exercise for you as an office athlete. Guide your fitness band along the side of your body while rotating your upper body. In this way, you not only train your arms and back, but also strengthen your stabilizing core muscles. You can vary the difficulty of the exercise by adjusting the distance to the anchor point.

Fitnessband PATband Home Gym Cardio
Cardio for your endurance

Use the fitness band as resistance to challenge yourself. Choose athletic movement patterns like sprinting with knee lifts and try to sprint against the resistance of the band for as long as possible. Increase the frequency or duration of the exercise to improve your athleticism and endurance while also burning plenty of calories.

The fitness band for all occasions

This exceptional range is unmatched, and as the developer of this unique fitness band, I am extremely proud of it. The PATband finds application in a variety of settings including therapy, training, military tactical units and law enforcement. The versatile properties of this resistance band are equally at home in yoga and group fitness, as well as in high performance sports and specialty applications.

Fitnessband PATband Yoga

Take your yoga practice to a whole new level with the fitness band. The PATband allows for improved stability during your asanas, promotes deeper stretches, and at the same time increases your functional strength and flexibility through the resistance of the band. We have developed a yoga concept specifically for this purpose: agoYoga.

Fitnessband PATband Group Fitness
Group Fitness

The PATband is not only ideal for working out at home or on the go, but is also highly valued in gyms. You can use the fitness band in your group fitness class in many ways or even lead one of our §20 certified Bands Reloaded classes and get the most out of the PATband for you and your participants!

Fitnessband PATband Bundeswehr tactical
Tactical training

The PATband is a unique fitness band that meets the highest demands even in extreme situations. It is tear-resistant, lightweight and versatile - whether in water, on land or even in weightless space. The PATband enables challenging resistance training to simulate realistic scenarios and train functional movement patterns. 

What office athletes say

The PATband has replaced my dumbbells and old bands. I do not need more!
It is the best tape I have ever had and am glad I bought it!

The PATband can do even more

Fascia training

Fitnessband PATband körpernaher Widerstand
Wrap the fitness band around your body to strengthen fascial loops during a functional movement. In this way, you improve familiar exercises and significantly increase their effectiveness. Take your workout to a whole new level!

Body training

Fitnessband PATband Strapping Tennis
Discover the world novelty: strapping techniques with the PATband. Strength training during your sports activity or even in everyday life. It is probably the most natural form of resistance training, close to the body, gentle on your joints and in perfect harmony with real movement.

Athletic training

Fitnessband PATband Athletiktraining
From controlled technique training to explosive movements - the fitness band offers a wide range! Whether you play individual or team sports, improve your performance and have the PATband always handy in your sports bag for every competition.


Fitnessband PATband Brustpresse
Feel the resistance and use it for your muscle growth! The fitness band has a clear advantage over dumbbells: The resistance increases as you stretch. With its 15 loops you can perform reduction sets - without weights.

Can much
costs little

56,80 - 158,80

Fitnessband PATband
Made in Germany Kopie 1 |

Fitness band PATband

The PATband includes:
  • 1 elastic fitness band with 3m length
  • 15 sewn-in loops for exercise variation
  • 3 color variants with different resistance:
  • Pink (Soft) for functional therapy, light weight training, stretching, yoga and pilates.
  • Blue (Strong) for functional strength training and stretching
  • Olive (tactical) for bodybuilding, strength training and stretching
  • 1 carabiner and multi anchor for attachment (blue)
  • Lots of exercises to do, here on my site
  • 1 unbeatable price!
Made in Germany Kopie 1 |

For those who want to know exactly

Fitnessband PATband

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I get asked these questions a lot.

The PATband represents a groundbreaking fitness band designed for a diverse range of workouts. It proves to be extremely versatile and can be used equally well in functional training, rehabilitation, performance enhancement and injury prevention. Its unique features and advanced technology open up a wide range of exercise possibilities.

The PATband stands out for its innovative design. It was developed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of training scenarios, whether in terms of functional movements, rehabilitation, performance enhancement or injury prevention. The technology and the design allow a multifaceted use of the fitness band.

The PATband fitness band opens up a wide range of training benefits. From targeted strength building to mobility promotion and stabilization - the band can be used in a wide range of exercises. Its flexibility allows closed body wraps as well as training with an external anchor point, which expands the application possibilities.

The PATband fitness band is a valuable asset for diverse target groups. It appeals to athletes, therapists, doctors and fitness enthusiasts alike. Starting from newcomers to advanced, in rehabilitation or athletic training - the PATband offers an effective solution to improve performance and injury prevention.

Of course, the textile will absorb dirt or sweat through use. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, or wash the PATband in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). However, no fabric softener should be used.

For drying, the fitness band should be hung loosely (i.e. not rolled) and in the air (not on the heater or in the dryer!).

This site offers a wide range of functional exercises that address different objectives. You'll find exercises for pain reduction, muscle building, increasing flexibility, sport-specific athletics, and exercises that can be done in the office or as home workouts.

Pain-free and athletic despite office job

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