Fitness band PATband

"The fitness band for all occasions!"

(And your mobile gym...!).

What is the PATband?

The PATband is the "Swiss army knife" of fitness bands. With its 3 meter length, it covers all areas of application of functional training and therapy. 15 loops along the elastic fitness band serve you as grip and attachment options. It consists of an elastic textile, which, in contrast to conventional rubber bands, lies comfortably on your skin. The PATband Soft fitness band in pink is about half the thickness of the PATband Strong in blue. The resistance of the band is gentler and slower increasingly. It is therefore ideal for rehabilitation training, yoga, Pilates and strength building.
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The specifications

Fitnessband PATband

How can I use the PATband?

With a range of over 1000 exercises, the fitness band is a portable gym. It replaces your dumbbells with elastic exercise resistance and variable exercise intensity. 

Use it as a resistance band for your strength training, as a rehab band in therapy or in stretching as a stretching aid.

A world first are the Strapping techniques The fitness band. You put the fitness band close to your body and thus create a resistance close to your body. Now you are able to perform any movement with increased difficulty. Lift with the PATband Strapping Techniques your yoga, Pilates, athletic or strength training to an unprecedented level.


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A fitness band with a new approach which is very useful for doctors, physiotherapists, patients, athletes. The length of the PATband makes it possible to wrap it around the athlete's body. This strapping creates resistance in the plane of rotation. This is a unique way to train functional movements with resistance close to the body throughout the kinetic chain.


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Get flexible with functional stretching!

Fight back pain

Mobilize superficial and deep muscles with special exercises. In this way, you prevent the development of pain or alleviate existing problems. With the PATband fitness band you can do it anytime and anywhere!

More than conventional stretching

Stretching with the PATband fitness band noticeably and measurably increases your flexibility from the very first use. Thanks to the elasticity of the fabric, you activate and stretch your muscles at the same time. You significantly increase the benefits for your everyday life!

Optimize your posture and prevent injuries!

Correction of your posture

Fitness band PATband with soft and elastic textile is comfortable on your skin. This feature allows you to apply effective strappings close to the body. With these new techniques you will achieve posture corrections much faster than with conventional methods.

Relieve knee pain

The 3m long fitness band can be stretched up to 9m. This gives you enormous freedom of action when it comes to the application of your exercises and the fine gradation of your training resistance. Adapt the intensity to exercises for pain reduction.


A regular workout keeps you fit. But it's even more important to incorporate small and subtle exercises into everyday life. For example, the PATband helps me maintain an upright posture at work. The mixture of stability and flexibility gives me enough freedom of movement and supports me at the same time. I like to use the fitness band in between or during long phone calls.

PATband hilft bei Rueckenschmerz |

Get stronger without dumbbells!

Strengthening from head to toe

By training with your PATband you always reach many muscles at once. This makes your workout more intense and saves you time. Build muscle with the fitness band and reduce your body fat at the same time!

Train in new dimensions

While you only work against gravity with dumbbell training, you also create resistance in any direction with your PATband. This opens up completely new possibilities for you and your exercises!


I really didn't know I had side abs and back muscles until now...!

Marlen, working out as a stay at home mom.

Move like a panther!

Reach unknown heights

Train your bounce, speed and agility with the PATband fitness band. Improve your athletic skills with functional strength exercises!

Movements, flowing like water

You will increase the demands of all the rotational components of an athletic movement with close-to-the-body winding techniques. This type of stress will greatly increase your movement competency. Even the most complex movements will look elegant!

Train as your sport requires!

Use realistic movements

To get maximum benefit from an exercise for your sport, the movement must correspond to the real requirement to the greatest possible extent. The PATband makes exactly this possible. Complex and highly dynamic movements, such as the football kick, can be trained with external resistance.

Train where you play

As a soccer player, tennis player, golfer or swimmer - in every sport you move on or below a surface. Bring your strength training to your venue with the PATband fitness band. Maximize your performance level with realistic movements in your true environment!


With the PATband, I am able to practice both the explosive, powerful hitting of the lead hand and the active, fast approaching of the hitting hand at the same time! In addition, I have to build up increased tension in the core muscles due to the resistance of the band. All this helps me to be able to execute the blow faster and harder!


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Perfect for therapeutic use!

Comfortable to wear, optimal fixation and versatile in use

The pleasant surface of the PATband in combination with the carabiner allows fixation on any treatment table. Due to the length of the fitness band, the strength of the fixation is individually adjustable. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the application of stretchme techniques or other effective treatment methods. 


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The PATband, along with stretchme level 1 and level 2 techniques, is part of my treatments as a therapist.

Fasziales Stretching mit stretchme |

Train Everywhere.

All the exercises you do in your workout at the gym are in your pocket with the PATband.


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The advantages of the PATband at a glance.

Get the fitness band at an unbeatable price.
patband functional band training package |
  • Replaces a lightweight fitness band Value: 11,90€
  • Replaces a medium fitness band Value: 19,90€
  • Replaces a hard fitness band Value: 25,90€
  • Replaces a belt for sprint training Value: 159€
  • Replaces a Stretch Rope Value: 24,90€
  • PATband: Strapping Course Value: 49,90€
  • Fixation for use on treatment couch Value: 99€
  • Replaces a cable pulley for functional exercises Value: 1500€
  • Total weight less than rubber fitness band INCLUSIVE
  • Pleasant wearing comfort thanks to textile INCLUSIVE
  • No rubber or plasticizers INCLUSIVE
  • Washable and tear resistant INCLUSIVE
  • Ideal for use in physiotherapy INCLUSIVE
  • Over 1000 exercises possible INCLUSIVE
  • Cool exercises for partner training INCLUSIVE
  • Ten top 5 training exercises for your goals INCLUSIVE
  • Immediate correction through wrapping close to the body INCLUSIVE
  • Train everywhere effectively with resistance INCLUSIVE
  • Made in Germany





Exercises with the fitness band PATband.

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I get asked these questions a lot.

You get the carabiner together with the PATband Power (blue). This way, you can fix the PATband everywhere and always have a cable puller with you, as otherwise only in the gym. It is also possible to fix the PATband on a mobile or fixed treatment table in no time. The PATband Soft (pink) is delivered without carabiner.

Of course, the textile will absorb dirt or sweat through use. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, or wash the PATband in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). However, no fabric softener should be used.

For drying, the PATband should be hung loosely (i.e. not rolled) and in the air (not on the heater or in the dryer!).