Functional Training Equipment.

"Tools for functional training and therapy here in the shop...!"

Training with instead of on the fitness mat - PATmat

A training mat with the Twister effect

The PATmat is the exact opposite of a conventional gym mat. While a yoga or exercise mat only serves as padding, the PATmat wants to train with you. You not only move on the mat, but also around it. It is your functional movement map.

You use the ten colourful movement fields according to the "Twister" principle. Visual stimuli with different colours and scales control your training. This way you train and monitor all movements at the same time.

The PATmat was developed by me over years of practice as a therapist and trainer. It has a length of over 3m, but when rolled up it fits in your backpack. With the non-slip bottom it is 2kg light and therefore also ideal for your travels.

The fitness band for all occasions - PATBand

A mobile gym with 1000 exercises

The PATband is a further development of the well-known training bands.
It is made of elastic textile material, which is pleasant to the skin and, unlike rubber or latex, does not constrict.
With its three meters length and 15 loops, it allows the use in functional training with hundreds of different exercises. From stretching, mobilizing, endurance and strength training to therapy and yoga exercises. With regular training abdominal, back and trunk muscles are strengthened, improving posture. This helps to relieve and prevent pain. 

The PATband is lightweight, small and handy. It fits in any pocket and can be used when traveling, in the gym or in the home gym.

I have developed the PATband together with the market leader for functional band training, the company Flexvit. The production takes place in Germany. The training band is available in two colors, whereby the strength is different. The pink band (Soft) is due to its high stretchability especially suitable for functional therapy, light strength training, stretching, yoga and Pilates. The PATband in blue (Strong) has a higher resistance and is used for functional strength training, stretching and athletic training.

The evolution of the fascia roller - PATrigger

7 in 1 tool for more than just fascia training

The PATrigger Fascia Roller is the perfect little device for targeting painful areas on your neck, shoulders, hips or back. Self-massage releases tension while special exercises strengthen your muscles. With the two handy helpers, the ball and the avocado, you can penetrate even deeper into agglutinated connective tissue structures when rolling out at specific points. Practical and space-saving: both are placed in the recesses of the roller on the right and left. The body's own weight is used to vary the pressure on the massaging tissue. After rolling out, the muscles regenerate, which is usually caused by long and cramped sitting at a desk. Fascia adhesions loosen, posture improves. Thus, the PATrigger is the perfect problem solver for every office athlete. It fits in your drawer or travel bag. Thanks to its geometry, it can be assembled and used in seven different ways.

The PATrigger was developed by me personally. Its manufacture takes place in Germany and is subject to the highest standards. 

online training

From my practice for your practice

As a functional therapist, I combine functional training with selected forms of therapy. You learn in my online training all exercises and techniques that have emerged from successful practice. Functional science forms the basis for our functional work. With this certificate differs from ALL other training courses and with it you will add significant value to your clients!

Individual online training with me personally

Functional exercises that belong to you

I will show you functional exercises that will help you maximize your ability to manage your daily life pain-free, optimize your posture and make you stronger. At the same time you will experience an immediate and individual correction. This way we avoid incorrect movements from the beginning and can effectively use your precious time for your training.