Functional Training Exercises

Revolutionize your life with effective simplicity according to PAT

Work on your health, fitness and appearance at the same time with my Functional Training exercises. Learn now how the PAT method can change your life! Welcome to a world of possibilities - welcome to!

This means PAT

Think of the PAT method as a master key that opens many doors at once. Not only do you improve your body awareness and posture, but you also build muscle and reduce body fat. You can fight back pain, take your body tension to a new level, and look great at the same time. Here's how it works:

Prepare is the solution for more freedom of movement and pain-free joints. Simple, effective exercises for the office, on the road or specifically before your workout.

Functional Training Übungen Activate

Activate is the upgrade of a warm-up and connects all body segments through specific movement patterns. It is either an active break or the perfect preparation for your workout.

Functional Training Übungen Train

Train: After this optimal preparation, you master complex movements that turn your weak points into strengths. We design intensity and exercises individually according to your goals and constantly adapt them.

The Functional Training exercises

Functional Training Übungen gegen Schmerzen

Exercises against pain

Fight tension quickly and easily!
Functional Training Übungen fürs Büro

Exercises for the office

Relieve tense muscles with targeted exercises and protect your posture despite sitting.
Functional Training Übungen für mehr Beweglichkeit

Exercises for more mobility

Become flexible and supple to prevent pain or prepare your muscles for exercise. 
Functional Training Übungen für Sport

Exercises for your sport

Train specific to your sport with functional exercises that you can do at home or on the court.
Functional Training Übungen für Yoga

Functional yoga exercises

Experience a new form of yoga that lets your asanas fight your aches and pains and significantly improve your posture.
Fitnessband PATband

PATband exercises

Functional band training with exercises for at home or on the road.
Faszienrolle PATrigger

PATrigger exercises

The 7 in 1 tool offers a wide variety of exercises - you can find them here.
Fitnessmatte PATmat

PATmat exercises

Training with Twister effect on the movement compass - discover the possibilities.
Home Gym

Training helper

Get your home gym for your exercises.

More Functional Training Exercises

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