My magic potion

My magic potion for more power in training and everyday life

(Forget everything you know about dieting...!).

Look better without dieting and without starving!

This is no dietNo detox promise and also no juice cure or a similar senseless weight loss promise. Everything I recommend here on my site, I have confirmed both on myself, as well as in my long practice as a personal trainer and sports scientist based on the success of my clients. 

First, about my self-test:

My normal shape may already seem sufficient for some. I maintain a body fat percentage of just under 15% with my diet and training workload. As a personal trainer, I also feel this is a mandatory exercise. For the most of my clients, 15% body fat percentage is considered the magic mark. Flat stomach or the beginning of a visible "six pack" are in this region. However, since I was more athletic when I was a little younger, my personal goal is to not let that athleticism atrophy or even improve a little bit as I get older. 

I began to take the magic potion. Within a few days I already felt much more energy and could better sleep soundly

After only a few weeks, I noticed that I was losing body fat in places that were otherwise rather stubborn. My belly and later my entire body became even more athletic. I already knew this body shape, because I had already built it up 10 years ago in another self-experiment. With hard dieting, constant hunger pangs and a high workout workload. At that time, due to the effort and everyday deprivations, it was not possible for me to pursue my work with 100% attention and at the same time remain fully capable in my everyday life and training. I was therefore unable to maintain this top athletic form at this level for long and settled back into my "normal state". So I too know the yo-yo effect. 

Now 10 years later at almost 40, I have found that this personal Desired Body totally easy and without all these deprivations to achieve with my normal workout workload and healthy diet. Even better, with the potion, I'm able to maintain my shape AND do it in the process. efficient in my daily work. In addition, I have a much more controlled eating. I feel no ravenous appetite and sleep more deeply, which in turn has a positive effect on my Regeneration having an effect.

The 4-week difference

Patrick Herzog before Ketones
Without potion, normal form
Patrick Herzog after Ketones
With magic potion, athletic form

With the potion I see with less effort not only look more athletic, but have in everyday life and at work a lot of more power! For me, the magic potion is the miracle weapon, which now supports and accompanies me daily.

What's behind the magic?

The secret is called Ketosis. Ketosis is the metabolic state in which your body is able to very quickly and effectively increase your Fat storage as an energy source to use. Yes, read that right! Your body burns your fat deposits and uses this process to provide you with energy.

In order for your body to reach this state of ketosis (without the potion), you would have to eat a low-carb/ketogenic diet. However, this dietary pattern has the effect of often making you feel floppy and tired, or negatively impacting your deep sleep. As I described above, during my ketogenic self-experiment, I was unable to perform my daily tasks at work and in everyday life on a long-term basis. I simply felt powerless. Also, totally giving up carbohydrates is not an option for me personally, because I also like to indulge! Dieting always puts stress on your body. And stress is rarely fun!

The Advantage of this just described ketogenic diet, that is, the complete abandonment of simple carbohydrates, lies in the following:

Since you're giving your body sugar as a Fuel for muscles, brain and co. he will be forced after a period of adaptation from the sugar metabolism to the Fat metabolism to make their own ketones in the liver. Instead of sugar, the body burns fat in ketosis.

The great Disadvantage ketogenic diet is that the Metabolism conversion takes place only after the glycogen stores in the muscles have been emptied. This takes several days for up to one month and is extremely stressful. Once there - great! But woe betide you if you feed your body simple carbohydrates again. In that case, the transition starts all over again. So if you want to continue to participate in social life and do not want to weigh every gram all the time, then my Potion for you the Wonder weapon!

Ketosis gets you:

- better fat burning
- more concentration
- mental focus
- extra energy
- increased performance
- better sleep
- clearer complexion
- minimized hunger
- long-term muscle protection

In summary, ketogenic diet is not easy, because we have to give up a lot. This is exactly where the magic potion intervenes!

Within just 60 minutes of ingesting my magic potion, your body immediately goes into ketosis.

So what's in the potion now?

Ketone bodies! So Ketones as they put your liver through the transition Fat metabolism yourself if you ate without simple sugars and without any alcohol for many days! With these externally supplied ketones, you get into the state of ketosis much easier and reap all the benefits of fat metabolism. And that already few minutes after ingestion!

Externally supplied ketones directly increase the ketone content of the blood and are available to the body without conversion as a Super Fuel at your disposal. You use the magic potion with the aim of Fat burning supportable without a loss of performance to risk. In this case, I additionally recommend intermittent fasting. This combination is a Gamechangerwhen it comes to body sculpting. 

And this is why I use ketones with my clients: 

Exogenous Ketones - The Office Athlete Booster

Koerperfettreduktion Muskelaufbau Before |
Without ketones and training
Koerperfettreduktion Muskelaufbau After |
With ketones and training
You see here the Transformation of a Office Athletes out of my online coaching program. It is about a high performer with a heavy workload and associated stress. For these reasons, in addition to functional training for posture correction and freedom from pain, we have developed the Magic potion with ketones deployed. This was for him a Gamechanger:

- The effect of training with ketones was intensified, thus saving valuable time
- Training on an empty stomach in the morning became possible, ketones serve as an energy source (intermittent fasting)
- This reinforced the goal of rapid weight loss through the loss of body fat
- We were also able to optimize general performance and concentration at work with ketones.
- Deep sleep was significantly improved and regeneration accelerated
- Extremely fast visible and noticeable success

I get asked these questions a lot.

Order the ketones via the link on this page in the shop. You have to create a customer account in advance. Only then will you have access to the ketones. You have the choice between different flavors. Decide for the variant with or without caffeine. I use both, caffeine rather in the morning and for training, caffeine-free in the afternoon or evening.

Ideal for beginners is the choice of the Challenge Pack. In here are different flavors with and without caffeine included.  

The first days you ideally take only 1/2 sachet, in the morning and in the afternoon. Dissolve the sachet in water or even almond milk, depending on your taste. You can then later increase by one sachet in the morning and another in the afternoon or before your workout. They will give you more focus and power. To make the most of your ketones, drink them slowly over a 30-60 minute period. Your body needs time to fully absorb the ketones.

The ketones can be drunk on an empty stomach or with a meal. They suppress your hunger pangs on an empty stomach and thus perfectly support intermittent fasting.

For recovery, ketones without caffeine can be taken after a workout or before bed to optimize sleep.

For sensitive stomachs, I recommend starting with just half a sachet in the morning and half in the afternoon for the first few days and then increasing to a whole. Always keep in mind, if your stomach is sensitive, don't drink the exogenous ketones all at once.

NO, ketogenic diet has nothing to do with the exogenous ketones. You can eat your carbs and enjoy the benefits of ketosis at the same time.

In principle, no. But it also depends on your training goal and the schedule available for achieving it. Pay attention to what kind of alcohol you consume and especially what snacks you eat during the workout...

Absolutely! When you start, you feel rested, full of energy and fuller for longer due to the high concentration of healthy fats! That's why you don't need to eat as much.

Yes, when you combine high amounts of fat with the magic potion, you stay full longer and can overcome the feeling of hunger for good. With ketones, cutting out sugar and snacking is much easier. You'll also have fewer cravings, making it easier to install new habits. Ketones also have a great influence on your quality of life.

Exclusive information!

I usually only share this info with my personal training clients.

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