About me

That's me. Patrick Herzog.

"Thank you for being on my side. I'm going to tell you my story now."

Born in 1982 in Bruchsal (near Karlsruhe), I was very active and interested in sports from an early age. After graduating from a private high school with majors in English and sports, I was looking for a professional challenge on a mental and physical level.
The Bundeswehr offered me this challenge. As an officer in a small unit of reconnaissance, I trained soldiers for foreign missions behind enemy lines. During this time, I learned one of the most important lessons for my life: Only pass on what you yourself have mastered - and know your limits. Only those who live this guiding principle are authentic and can assess the physical as well as psychological limits of their "students".
During my active time as a soldier, I tested my mental and physical strength during challenging training courses (e.g. lone fighter), as well as during my own fitness training. Despite my training, I suffered a spinal injury due to job stress. This set me back, at the same time made me think. I wanted to learn more about effective training and the direct connection to health. So I studied sports science at the University of the Armed Forces.
However, the studies did not satisfy my demand for depth of knowledge. So, in parallel, I began to further my education with leading trainers in Germany. But even here I realized that there had to be more than just fitness and muscle training. Training science seemed outdated and highly institutionalized. I received the hoped-for view beyond the end of my nose far away - in the United States.
An up-and-coming company in Germany recruited me as a product scout for functional training equipment. I scouted at many trade shows and events in the USA. Therefore, I was able to identify trends very early on and got to know the minds behind them. I was the first person in the German-speaking world to graduate from the Gray Institute in Michigan with a degree in applied functional science. That was it, the view over the edge of the plate into the depth of functional movement training. A view of health-oriented training that was completely unknown in Germany until then, the game changer: Functional Training.
Now I could understand why I had injured myself despite the intensive training during my time in the army and classical therapy offered no help. Fitness training was to blame. Fitness does not understand the human body as a unit, but looks at each muscle individually. It only knows muscle training and not the training of movements. I became weaker instead of stronger. This realization brought me very quickly on the stages of training events. At that time, many believed that functional training was just a trend. I was able to make my contribution to making functional training respectable and to establish it in every gym.
I value mutual exchange with colleagues very much, because knowledge is not a one-way street. After my visit to the studio of a world-famous colleague in Beverly Hills, I made the decision to open a private personal training studio. Individual training requires a special studio - at that time still a novelty on German soil. In the meantime, there is hardly a successful personal trainer who does without his own private gym. I encourage every trainer to take this step!
With my training philosophy I build a bridge between therapy and training. My sports science studies with the extension of functional movement science and numerous further education in physio and functional therapy called me as a personal athletic trainer for many top athletes on the plan. Especially in the field of professional tennis I can claim to have supported athletes to their career best performance without injury.
The successes of my office athletes and professional athletes are why I love my job. It is a calling. The loyalty of my customers over many years is for me the best seal of quality for my constant efforts to make our functional training not only varied, but above all sustainably effective.
Thanks to my international travels and contacts, I have a very good overview of the fitness tools market. Many training tools remain below their capabilities because they were not designed from practice for practice. I have invested years in the development of my tools to optimize them to the maximum for both trainers and office athletes. I'm proud of this and it's the only way I can recommend them to anyone who wants to train functionally anywhere in the world.
I was the first German trainer to further my education and establish myself in the field of functional science. It is the foundation of any functional movement or exercise. I pass on this elementary knowledge to other trainers and therapists. My own concepts, my work as an expert for functional training at Perform Better Europe, as well as my position as Head of Education of FLEXVIT, the world market leader in band training, underline the ambition to bring Functional Training as the most important form of training to everyone.
"When you train muscle, you forget movement. When you train movement, you don't forget a single muscle."
Patrick Herzog