stretchme treatment table

"Real handwork from head to toe!"

(Probably the most comfortable treatment table in the world...!)

What makes this table so special.

Handmade from exquisite materials with the claim to offer the best reclining feeling and the highest practical comfort. This is the stretchme treatment couch.

With it, the application of functional stretching techniques is simple, gentle and comfortable. The design, the material, the feel and the lying sensation support the immediate effect of your treatment.

Use the couch for your stretchme or physiotherapeutic applications. This handmade designer piece is a boon for any room ambience. And for your patients.

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When standing up becomes a problem...

The lounger with the instant feel-good effect.

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Adapts to your needs.

And with the extra softly upholstered lying surface and electric height adjustment, it protects two backs at once.

With the invisible foot switches that can be operated from both sides, you can freely select your working height from 55cm to 85cm. The gentle adjustment mechanism is hardly noticeable for your patient on the couch.

Design that supports you.

The brackets integrated into the stretchme treatment couch open up a multitude of fixation points for your PATband. You have your hands free for the application of the techniques and can devote yourself fully to your patient.

Treat effectively and back-friendly.

With the waisted lying surface, you can apply your techniques gently and without using force. The well thought-out lines of the design support your grips and offer you as a therapist a decisive advantage over conventional treatment couches.

A lounger that makes you happy all around.

Rounded corners allow a pleasant treatment from head to toe. With its length of 200cm and a width of 75cm, the couch always offers you a lot of contact surface and facilitates the dosage of intensity.

You decide.


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Personalise your couch. Practical drawer, hidden height adjustment, adjustable headrest or warming heating blanket, build your stretchme treatment couch now in my configurator.

A removable, adjustable and comfortable headrest. Supports your treatment and increases the lying comfort. 

The electric blanket is the ultimate in lying comfort. Getting up is no longer an option. The electric blanket is adapted to the waisted shape of your couch and also fits perfectly into the design.

The 44cmx34cmx10cm (LxWxH) drawer not only offers space for training equipment. There is also room for massage oils, massage tools and tapes. So you never have to leave your customer's side during therapy.

Who likes annoying cables? With the optional rechargeable battery you are mobile and can stay away from the socket for days with your lounger.

Get your therapy successes really rolling! You need the space in your studio, but don't want to do without the comfort of a highly professional couch? No problem! With the optional wheel frame you can position your couch where you want it.


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With the hidden height adjustment via foot switch, you always have both hands free. The foot switches are located on both long sides of your stretchme couch and replace the hand switch.


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We handcraft your lounger according to your order. You can look forward to about 4 weeks until delivery!

Would you like to have your stretchme treatment couch delivered outside Germany? Contact me and we will make it possible!