"Become pain-free without effort - with stretchme!"

(And feel light as if you're walking on clouds...!).

Experience stretchme.

Stretchme is a new stretching concept that transfers the effectiveness of functional training into therapy. Without sweating, an immediate feel-good effect sets in from the very first application. You have the feeling that you can move more freely and easily. 

Immediate effect and addiction factor guaranteed!

stretchme4u funktionelles Stretching

Helps relieve pain.

By reducing pressure and friction within your joint structures, stretchme counteracts wear and degeneration.

stretchme4u – Funktionelles Stretching mit PATband


I have incorporated stretchme into my personal training and my clients love it. Stretchme is the biggest stretching revolution in my career as a personal trainer!

Keren Lopata stretchme Trainer |
PATband stretchme Beinrueckseite |

Get you balanced.

Functional stretching techniques reduce pressure and friction within your joints. This way we restore the balance in your body and also a workout afterwards is more effective.


Already noticed during the first session that it does good differently than previously known. I think it is an honest work without mumbo jumbo.


loves to be stretched with stretchme.

Makes you graceful and supple.

By actively relieving the strain on your joint structures, you can use your body more efficiently in everyday life and in your sport.

stretchme4u fasziales Stretching Funktionelles Stretching


I can use Stretchme anytime, anywhere. The techniques are extremely effective. That's why I use them in competitive sports, as well as in my practice as a physiotherapist.

Julia Hegar

uses stretchme as a physiotherapist all over the world.

Julia Hegar stretchme Trainer |

You'll get taller and more stable.

Regular use changes your posture and body tension positively. Tense areas are relieved and can now be reintegrated by your body.

stretchme Ganzkörper

Guaranteed addictiveness from the very first moment.

Funktionelles Stretching stretchme4u.jpg

Functional self-stretching

with and without aids

only you and for you

decide for yourself when and where

Funktioenlles Stretching stretchme-level-1.jpg
stretchme Level 1

Functional partner stretching

with and without aids

with partner or trainer

by appointment

Funktionelles Stretching stretchme-level-2-700x394
stretchme Level 2

Functional therapy stretching

on a comfortable stretchme couch

with professional trainer

by appointment


I can't get past meetings, stress and travel unfortunately. Thanks to stretchme, I no longer have back pain. I can confirm the addiction factor!


uses stretchme as a balance to the daily work routine.

Learn stretchme.

Learn the techniques of stretchme when your schedule allows and wherever you are. I show you the moves step by step in my stretchme online training!

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I get asked these questions a lot.

Your body consists of many muscles, bones and tissue structures. In your everyday life you always move them as a unit. When you take a step, for example, you don't use a single muscle, but entire muscle chains. We stretch these chains with stretchme according to their task in everyday life. In addition to the stretch stimulus, we use targeted active and passive movement stimuli. The decisive factor here is the direction in order to relieve the joint structures involved and at the same time increase mobility.

Incredibly comfortable! Guided functional stretching with stretchme is gentle, controlled and painless. The aim is to increase your mobility within a short time by tensing and relaxing your muscles. And this succeeds in every single application! Guaranteed!

Classical or fascial stretching is too intensive or too static. It lacks active and passive movement participation in all three movement axes. Already after your first stretchme you will feel better than before. With regular use, you will not only notice positive effects on your posture and well-being. The elasticity of your musculature will increase and thus combat tension.

No! Physiotherapy treats a specific part of the body that is injured. Stretchme focuses on your whole body from head to toe and can even prevent injury and discomfort.

Anyone who values an active lifestyle. Whether you want to perfect your golf swing or tie your shoes standing up, stretching is important! Especially if you perform certain activities frequently or for long periods of time in your daily life. Regular jogging, biking, or hours of sitting and standing need a "maintenance program". Stretchme teaches your body to move effectively and pain-free again.

In principle, there's nothing wrong with yoga. The goal of yoga is to unite your mind with your body. Stretchme is relaxing simply because of the application of stretching. Also, you don't have to hold body positions for long here. Static strain tends to have a negative impact on transferring to your everyday life. The joint relief that we use with stretchme is completely absent from yoga (or even pilates). The immediate effect is therefore not possible. To become functionally more flexible, you need functional stretching methods.

Stretchme has some advantages over more traditional treatments. The effect lasts longer, you do not have to undress, nor is the use of lubricating creams or oils necessary. Massage has a punctual and superficial effect and takes place without guided movement. Stretchme, on the other hand, has a global and deep effect on your body. With this functional whole-body stretching technique, stretchme can do more in less time.

At your work: Yes, you read correctly! And directly at the workplace. Sitting too long and too often leads inexorably to movement restrictions. We intervene directly when you need it most. 20min stretchme work wonders and you go back to your desk relaxed!

In personal training: In order to be able to train your muscles optimally, your joints must have as much mobility as possible. So if you are tense, no warm-up will help, but stretchme!

For rehabilitation or as a feel-good and relaxation session just for you with your stretchme trainer. Regular use has a preventive effect and can help with acute complaints. You will not only become loose, but also deeply relaxed. That's a promise!