Functional stretching with immediate effect and painless

Functional stretching with instant effect

A feeling like on clouds. Start now!

Here’s what stretchme users say:

“Unfortunately, I can’t get past meetings, stress and travel. Thanks to stretchme, I no longer have back pain. I can confirm the addictive factor! “

Anja, nutzt stretchme als Ausgleich zum Berufsalltag.

“I noticed during the first session that it is doing better than previously known. I think it’s an honest job without hocus-pocus.”

Andreas, ging bisher zu medizinischen Massagen.
I want to be stretched.

What stretchme trainers say:

“I have integrated stretchme into my personal training and my clients love it. Stretchme is the biggest stretching revolution of my career as a personal trainer!”

Keren Lopata, Personal Trainer, Perfectworkout

“I can use Stretchme anytime, anywhere, anytime. The techniques are extremely effective. That’s why I use them in competitive sports, as well as in my practice as a physiotherapist.”

Julia Hegar, Physiotherapeutin, Team Physio SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team
I want to learn stretchme.

That’s why you’ll love stretchme:

  • You feel like you’re on clouds. Right away.
    Even when used for the first time, an immediate feel-good effect sets in. You feel like you can move more freely and easily.

  • Gets you in balance.
    Functional stretching techniques reduce pressure and friction within your joints. This is how we restore the balance in your body.

  • Unlocks new potentials.
    Stretchme makes you and your workout more effective. Your muscles are able to communicate better with each other. You will be faster and more powerful.

  • Helps relieve pain.
    By reducing pressure and friction within your joint structures, stretchme counteracts wear and tear.

  • Accelerates your regeneration.
    Your muscle cells are supplied with nutrients faster. The removal of waste products is stimulated by stretchme.

  • Make yourself supple.
    By actively relieving your joint structures, you can use your body more efficiently in everyday life and in your sport.

  • You will be taller and more stable.
    Regular use changes your posture and body tension positively. Tight areas are relieved and can now be reintegrated by your body.

  • Guaranteed addictive factor.
    Conventional stretching is not comparable to stretchme. Within a very short time you will experience an intense and pleasant relaxation.

Choose your stretchme.


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