Welcome to your functional training!

That’s why I developed PAT.

I’ll explain the PAT system to you in three simple steps.

“Just looking good is not enough. I want you to feel good, your hole life long.”

“I’d love to work out in their gym – but the equipment is getting in the way.”

Enough theory. This is how we implement PAT together.


Prepare solves your blockages and frees your joints. We want to increase your joint mobility and eliminate existing pain. Prepare contains stretchme Techniques. Functional stretching has proven to be the most efficient method with instant effect.


The classic warm-up on the elliptical cross trainer is history. In order to be able to move efficiently and to have the greatest possible training benefit, your muscles need to communicate optimally with each other. Activate connects all body segments through special movement patterns and manual techniques, making it the most effective form of warm-up.


After this optimal preparation, you are able to challenge your body with complex movements. Depending on the training goal or sport, we vary with the intensity and the choice of our exercises.

Now let’s get started!

Choose your form of training with me.