PATmat ready

PATmat: The functional motion map for your Functional Training

"Become more playful, more mobile and more attractive...!"

(Without putting a foot in a gym...!)

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Colorful and varied training.

Use the PATmat for all areas of the functional movement world.

Functional movement patterns are demanding. They are much more strenuous than conventional fitness training. But they are effective. The PATmat is the basis for your Functional Training. It helps you perform and control functional exercises. You use the ten colorful motion fields according to the “Twister” principle. Visual stimuli with different colors and scales control your workout. This is how you train and overgrow all movements at the same time.

Here you can see why so many are already using the PATmat!

As an office athlete, trainer or physiotherapist - the PATmat is for you!

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Herbert Pichler of Equal Sport trusts in PATmat.

Your invest for functional training.

Get all the benefits of PATmat at an unbeatable price

  • Home Training Tool Wert: 99€
  • Replaces any conventional training mat Wert: 39,90€
  • Coordination leader for your agility training Wert: 39,90€
  • Functional Screening Tool Wert: 219€
  • Y-Balance Testing Tool Wert: 319€
  • Stretching, mobilization, training and functional testing in one tool INCLUSIVE
  • Fast positioning for complex movements INCLUSIVE
  • Scales to monitor motion execution in real time INCLUSIVE
  • Instant analysis of your imbalances INCLUSIVE
  • Perfect for Functional Training in the Group INCLUSIVE
  • Combine PATmat with any other Functional Training Tool INCLUSIVE
  • Lightweight, reelable and portable INCLUSIVE
  • Anti-slip rubber underside for safe training INCLUSIVE
  • Unbeatable even in combination with your yoga exercises INCLUSIVE

Total value Well over 700€

I'll give you the PATmat Starter Online course in the value of 59€!

And you only pay 159€

Get this offer!

Versatile as you are!

Combine your PATmat with other tools and measure your performance in real time!

Philipp Waßmuth from Sport-Physio-Offenburg uses PATmat in personal training.

Uncover and train weak points.

The PATmat makes you looser and more mobile.

Anne loves to stretch on the PATmat.

Always take your training with you.

The 3.30m long PATmat is rolled up so compact that it always finds a place in your sports bag with its training partner PATrigger. With a weight of just under 2kg, it is extremely transportable and accompanies you to the gym and on your travels. Its underside is made of non-slip rubber. The printed top is an anti-allergenic fleece.

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