Your functional motion map – PATmat

Make training easy.

The PATmat is the basis for your Functional Training. It helps you perform and control functional exercises. You use the ten colorful motion fields according to the “Twister” principle.

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Here you will find your first PATmat exercises!

PATmat Starter Course

Playful to your best form.

Functional movement patterns are demanding. They are much more strenuous than conventional fitness training. But they are effective. The PATmat helps you to execute it. Visual stimuli with different colors and scales control your workout. This is how you train and overgrow all movements at the same time.

Show you how strong you are.

Every exercise is a test. And the better you master this exercise, the more agile and stronger you are. With the PATmat you cover strengths and weaknesses directly during your training. More importantly, you are directly involved in these imbalances, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

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Core training with PATmat for torso and shoulder
Training backpack with fascia roller PATrigger and training mat PATmat

Movement whenever and wherever you want.

The 3.30m long PATmat is rolled up so compact that it always finds a place in your sports bag with its training partner PATrigger. With a weight of just under 2kg, it is extremely transportable and accompanies you to the gym and on your travels. Its underside is made of non-slip rubber. The printed top is an anti-allergenic fleece.

As versatile as your own training.

Combine your PATmat with other Functional Training Tools. Sling trainers like our Airfit are perfect for your body weight training. But also in combination with Kettlebells, dumbbells or a rope hoist and rubber bands you make a great figure with the training mat. The circle in the middle allows you to quickly position your exercises. Also log your training progress with the built-in scales. Use my PATmat to get started PATmat Starter Online Course.

Functional training mat PATmat with Purmotion Sling Trainer Airfit

Herbert Pichler from Equal Sport trusts in PATmat.

Can do a lot. With everyone. Anywhere.

  • Stretching, mobilization, training and functional testing

  • Fast positioning for complex three-dimensional movements

  • Coordination leader for your agility training

  • Scales for real-time training monitoring

  • Instant analysis of your imbalances

  • perfect for Functional Training in the group

  • combine PATmat with any other Functional Training Tool

  • light weight, easy to store and portable

  • anti-slip rubber underside for safe training

  • suitable for performing the Y-Balance or Star Excursion Test

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