Your Functional Training Gym – the PATower

The PATower is a multifunctional training station. It is designed to provide maximum value in the tightest of spaces. Therefore, it is suitable for any physiotherapy and any personal trainingor microstudio. The installation of the tower in a home gym is also feasible. It is the high-end device in Functional Training. The high-quality workmanship of the stainless steel and the futuristic design are the absolute eye-catcher and a unique selling point. Produced by order, you can design it according to your requirements.

In the basic version, the full rack with integrated stretch cage is available for configuration. This allows you to increase your mobility in a functional position and then train it under load in a specific exercise. The world premiere is the use of military technology in a training tower. For the first time, a system has been integrated that allows you to quickly and safely fix accessories for your workout on each side of the tower. Booms at both ends with options for accommodating the training tools, Monkey Bar and booms for attaching sling trainers are optional. On both sides of the rack there is the possibility to adapt a high-speed cable pull with up to 120kg weight per side. So no wish remains open for your functional training exercises!

In the video you can see the first prototype, which is already used in the functional training area of Sport Physio Offenburg.

The PATower will be available in mid-2019. More information and pricing will follow in the next few weeks. Please contact us in advance if you have any further questions about the PATower.