Fascia Roll and Functional Training Tool PATrigger


One for everything. All in one.

The PATrigger is there for you. Easy to store and handy, it fits into every bag and fulfills several wishes at once. Use it for your functional training, test your mobility and relax after a long day in the office.

It’s just more than any fascia roll.

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Here you will find your first PATrigger exercises!

PATrigger Quick Start Guide




The 3 in 1 Functional Training Tool with triple effect. As a fascia roller, the PATrigger has the ideal hardness for self-massage. Use it as a training role during the workout. It is robust and withstands all the stresses with you. At the same time, it tells you how agile you are during functional tests. It helps you get even better.

Three in one PATrigger
PATrigger and Ball

Keeps what it promises.

The mounts at both ends of the PATrigger fix ball and avocado. This makes it easier for you to transport the training roller. Various setups allow you to use your PATrigger for you.

Brings your application to the point.

All three massage tools have been specially designed for you. Self-massage with the PATrigger works like the hand of your therapist. The surface structure is modelled after the human skin. The foam material is light and skin-friendly. The tip of the avocado significantly intensifies your daily use. It gives you the opportunity to work with your tissue even more specifically.

Fascinating roller, training roller and surface

Perfect body.

Slim shape. Long body. This way, your PATrigger always fits into your training backpack. Also in the drawer of your desk. Avocado and ball are never lost and are immediately tangible for you. Depending on the type of operation, you use the role with and without the other two helpers.

Child’s play.

Your PATrigger takes up less than 150g and 42cm in length. The roll itself measures 34cm in length and has a diameter of 9cm. These dimensions are optimal to offer you a variety of exercises. Here’s my Quick Start Guide for you. You will receive this as a poster when you place your order. Your PATrigger is conveniently packed in a bag. You can close it and take it anywhere with a cape strap.

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