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Private training studio with personal support
Functional training with innovative equipment

Personal Training in Munich with private studio in Ismaning

I move you. Start now!

Muscle building and body fat reduction with functional training

I want to change my body!

Pain therapy and preventive functional therapy

I want to improve my quality of life!

Welcome to the most important decision for your health.

The most effective, intense and efficient way to exercise – personal training.

  • I’m here for you.
    With passion, expertise and professionalism. My specially equipped Personal Training Studio allows me to take care of you exclusively and absolutely individually. It is also the fixed date in your calendar that tells you: Today you are moving. You’re doing yourself a good thing!

  • Don’t believe everything you read.
    Much of what you read in magazines is only part of the truth. There are no 5-day success programs, nor long-term successful diets. A trainer doesn’t make you “sexy” or “crass”. You will be sexy automatically through your regular workout and sensible diet. Your discipline and willingness to give time for your health ensure long-term success. You are sexy because you feel that way. Not because only your body looks like it.

  • Have confidence.
    No, not in anyone else. In you! From my experience, successes through your training are faster if you believe in them. There is neither an age limit nor a “feel-good limit”. You don’t have to get fitter before you come to me. I’m here to do it together! And if you already feel fit, I’ll show you strategies that you will stay that way!

  • Be patient.
    Muscles do not grow overnight. And neither on its own. You really have to do something for it. The fear of getting thick arms and broad shoulders overnight is unfounded. In my many years of experience, none of my clients have yet awoke one morning with sudden muscle growth. But: Muscles build up faster than the body fat. Be patient. If you start with strength training, you will build muscle faster than losing the same amount of body fat. You’re getting slimmer, but not necessarily lighter. My tip: Look more often in the mirror, not on the scales.

  • Train smartly.
    I’m not a gym or offer fitness training. Let me explain this: Fitness is basically bodybuilding. Muscles are considered isolated in the fitness world and thus also trained. This is good if your training goal is maximum possible muscle growth! You then need a studio with devices that inflate your muscles. But if you want to train for your everyday life, your sport or purely preventive, you have to train functionally. I was the first German-speaking trainer to study functional science in the USA. Functional training is the most effective way to make all your muscles stronger as a unit. You improve your posture, agility, body composition and strength at the same time. To the article

Here’s what Personal Training looks like in my studio:

This clip was made over a period of 12 months. Health is a life choice, not a coincidence.

A few models as an example.

Personal Training

per week3x30Minutes

Personal Training

per week1x60Minutes

Personal Training

per week3x60Minutes

Unsere Zielsetzung und dein beruflicher oder sportlicher Alltag geben uns den Rahmen für dein Modell vor. Um eine regelmäßige Betreuung zu ermöglichen, biete ich die Kombination Personal Training und Online Training an. Mein eigens entwickeltes Trainingsequipment macht es uns möglich, dich überall zu trainieren.

Auf Grund meiner vielseitigen manual-therapeutischen Ausbildung begleite ich meine Klienten sofort nach Verletzungen sowie post-operativ. Meiner Erfahrung nach, ist eine sofortige und stetig aufbauende funktionelle Intervention schnell zielführend. Hier arbeite ich eng mit den zuständigen Ärzten zusammen. Ein Praxisbeispiel findest du hier.