Avocado. Role. Ball.

The 3 in 1 Functional Training Tool with triple effect. As a fascia roller, the PATrigger has the ideal hardness for self-massage. Use it as a training roll during workout. It is robust and withstands all the stresses with you. At the same time, he tells you how agile you are during functional tests. It helps you become even better.

The mounts at both ends of the PATrigger hold ball and avocado. This makes it easier for you to transport the training roller. Various setups allow you touse your PATrigger in many ways.

The PATrigger unfolds its full potential of use in our training preparation “Prepare“. It allows you to increase your mobility. You relieve your joints and increase the effectiveness of the training. The massage and loosening of the muscles leads to better blood circulation and also stimulates the regeneration process.

Made in Germany.