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1. I will not let you build a house without a foundation.

More agility, needs more strength! This force stabilizes and protects against injury.

2. You and your health are important to me.

I don't want you to do anything for you despite your motivation, you might be hurting yourself with it.

3. Sitting is NOT the new smoking.

You can't get past sitting, but we can do something about the side effects right away!

That's why I'm not just giving you 10 days of stretchme, but the complete office athletes online coaching program for 10 days!

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Don’t worry, you can repeat your free coaching at any time. Soon I will offer another coaching module for you!

Take advantage of the opportunity of this intensive coaching and use the recommended equipment. This will support you in your training and will make your implementation much easier.

Definitely! But you need the appropriate training and certification.

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