stretchme: Functional stretching with instant effect to increase your quality of life!


and feel lighter
like on clouds...!"

(Use it on yourself or let yourself be enchanted by a specialist!)

Funktionelles und Fasziales Stretching



and feel lighter
like on clouds...!"

(Use it on yourself or let yourself be enchanted by a specialist!)

That's why you'll love stretchme!

What Functional Stretching Does for You and How You Use It for You.

You feel like you're on clouds. Right away!

Even when used for the first time, an immediate feel-good effect sets in. You feel like you can move more freely and easily.

Helps relieve pain.

By reducing pressure and friction within your joint structures, stretchme counteracts wear and tear.

Unlocks new potentials.

Stretchme makes you and your workout more effective. Your muscles are able to communicate better with each other. You will be faster and more powerful.

Gets you in balance.

Functional stretching techniques reduce pressure and friction within your joints. This is how we restore the balance in your body.

Accelerates your regeneration.

Your muscle cells are supplied with nutrients faster. The removal of waste products is stimulated by stretchme.

Make yourself graceful and smooth.

By actively relieving your joint structures, you can use your body more efficiently in everyday life and in your sport.

You will be taller and more stable.

Regular use changes your posture and body tension positively. Tight areas are relieved and can now be reintegrated by your body.

Guaranteed addictive factor from the first moment.

Conventional stretching is not comparable to stretchme. Within a very short time you will experience an intense and pleasant relaxation.

This is where the cloud feeling has already arrived!

Keren Lopata
Keren Lopata
wendet stretchme im Personal Training an.
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“Ich habe stretchme in mein Personal Training integriert und meine Klienten lieben es. Stretchme ist die größte Stretching-Revolution in meiner Karriere als Personal Trainer!”
liebt es, sich mit stretchme dehnen zu lassen.
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“Habe schon während der ersten Session gemerkt, dass es anders gut tut als bisher gekannt. Ich finde es ist eine ehrliche Arbeit ohne Hokuspokus.”
nutzt stretchme als Ausgleich zum Berufsalltag.
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“Ich komme an Meetings, Stress und Reisen leider nicht vorbei. Dank stretchme habe ich keine Rückenschmerzen mehr. Den Suchtfaktor kann ich bestätigen! ”
Julia Hegar
Julia Hegar
setzt stretchme als Physiotherapeutin weltweit ein.
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“Stretchme kann ich immer, überall und jederzeit einsetzen. Die Techniken sind extrem effektiv. Deswegen nutze ich sie im Leistungssport, wie auch in meiner Praxis als Physiotherapeut.”

Here are a few questions I often get:

What is a functional stretch?

Your body consists of many muscles, bones and tissue structures. In your everyday life, you are always moving them as a unit. In one step, for example, you do not use a single muscle, but entire muscle chains. We stretch these chains with stretchme according to their task in everyday life. In addition to stretching, we use active and passive movement stimuli. The decisive factor here is the direction to relieve the joint structures involved and at the same time to increase mobility.

What makes stretchme different from normal or fascial stretching?

Classical or fascial stretching is too intense or too static. There is a lack of active and passive movement participation in all three axis of motion. Already after your first stretchme you will feel better than before. With regular use, you will not only notice positive effects on your posture and well-being. The elasticity of your muscles increases and thus fights tensions.

Is stretchme physiotherapy?

No! Physiotherapy treats a special part of the body that is injured. Stretchme has a focus on your whole body from head to toe and can even prevent injuries and discomfort.

Can't I do yoga to become more mobile?

In principle, there is nothing against yoga. The goal of yoga is to unite your mind with your body. Stretchme has a relaxing effect solely due to the application of stretching. Also, you don't have to hold body positions here for a long time. Static stress tends to have a negative impact on the transfer to your everyday life. The joint relief,as we use it with stretchme, is completely missing from yoga (or pilates). The immediate effect is therefore not possible. In order to become more functionally mobile, you need functional stretching methods.

How does stretchme feel?

Incredibly pleasant! Guided functional stretching with stretchme is gentle, controlled and painless. The goal is to increase your ability to move within a short period of time by using tension and relaxation of your muscles. And this is possible in every single application! Guaranteed!

Who can make stretchme?

Anyonewho values an active lifestyle. Whether you want to perfect your golf swing or tie your shoes standing up, stretching is important! Especially if you do certain activities frequently or for a long time in your everyday life. Regular jogging, cycling or sitting and standing for hours require a "care program". Stretchme teaches your body to be able to move effectively and painlessly again.

What is the difference to massage?

Stretchme has some advantages over more classic treatments. The effect lasts longer, you don't have to undress, nor is the use of lubricating creams or oils necessary. Massage is selective lyrical and only superficially effective and takes place without guided movement. Stretchme, on the other hand, has a global effect on your body. With this functional whole-body stretching technique, stretchme can do more in less time.

When do I use stretchme?

In your work: Yes, you read correctly! And right at the workplace. Too long and frequent sitting leads to inexorable movement restrictions. We intervene when you need it most. 20min of stretchme work wonders and you go back to your desk relaxed! In personal training: In order to be able to train your muscles optimally, your joints must have the highest possible mobility. So if you are tense, it doesn't help to warm up, but stretchme! For rehabilitation or as a feel-good and relaxation unit just for you with your stretchme trainer. Regular use has a preventive effect and can help with acute ailments. You will not only feel free, but also deeply relaxed. Promised!