PATmat Functional training mat

"Become more playful, more mobile and more attractive!"

(Train with your fitness mat instead of just on it...!)

What is paTmat?

The PATmat is the exact opposite of a conventional fitness mat. While a yoga or training mat only serves as a padding, the PATmat wants to train with you. You’re not just on the mat, you’re around it. It is your functional movement map.

You use the ten colorful motion fields according to the “Twister” principle. Visual stimuli with different colors and scales control your workout. This is how you train and overgrow all movements at the same time.

What can paTmat do?

Functional movement patterns are demanding. They are much more strenuous than conventional fitness training. But they are effective. The PATmat is the basis for your Functional Training. It helps you perform and control functional exercises.

Training with the PATmat is colorful and varied. The movement fields animate and increase your motivation. The possibilities are unlimited. Whether young or old, functional training, yoga, therapy or strength training, the PATmat offers exercises for every purpose. Use their scales, fields, buttons and colors for more fun and success in your workout.

PATmat Functional Training 7 |
PATmat Functional Training 4 |
PATmat Functional Training 5 |
PATmat Functional Training 10 |
PATmat Functional Training 3 |
PATmat Functional Training 2 |

Brings color to training.

PatMat Functional Fitness Mat scaled |

Ten fields of movement, 5 basic colours, 3.30 metres in length, lighter than 2kg, infinite variety of exercises.


Patrick Herzog's PATmat is a perfect product for me!

swatch |

Makes training simple.

PATmat Functional Pushup Power 1 |

Functional exercises require much more muscles than fitness exercises. The training is so strenuous, but also much more intense. The PATmat helps you to always keep track of sweaty workouts. You train with her, not on her.

With the PATmat I have a nice tool with a scale for direct comparison from left and right.

Flexible training.

PATmat Functional Stretching |

Functional stretching with stretchme,yoga exercises or classic stretching exercises. With the PATmat you increase your mobility measurably. Use the numerous scales and take your mobility training to the next level!

PATmat Functional Training Plank

"Our brain charges colors with meanings - which, for example, designers and artists take into account in their works... In personal training, we take into account not only the physical aspects, but also the psychological and motivational aspects."

Functional Group Training PATmat |

Meaningful cardio training.

PATmat Coordination Ladder 1 |

Instead of sitting on a bike ergometer or jogging on a treadmill, you should exercise your body bids. Free movements into any Direction is the only sensible solution. The PATmat gives you this freedom and helps you coordinate your movement.

Therapy meets training.

PATmat Functional Testing |

You want to know your weaknesses and fight them as quickly as possible? With the PATmat, every movement is measurable. Directly and directly compare the left side with your right side and use this knowledge specifically in therapy and training.

I cover up with the PATmat imbalances and can use them to create a plan to balance them.

A colorful playground.

PATmat Coordination Ladder 1 |

Have you played “Twister”? Exactly, that was funny and was fun. Bring this spirit into your training. From now on, rather boring exercises for your balance, your balance and your coordination make a lot of fun!

More power to roll out.

PATmat Functional Athletic Movement 1 |

You can implement athletic movements anywhere and anytime with your PATmat. Take your sport-specific training to the gym, to the training ground or to the sports hall. Perform your athletic is the only one, with your team or in groups. You and the PATmat, an unbeatable team!

An overview of the advantages of PATmat.

Get them at an unbeatable price.
PatMat Functional Fitness Mat |
  • Home Training Tool Wert: 99€
  • Replaces any conventional training mat Wert: 39,90€
  • Coordination leader for your agility training Wert: 39,90€
  • Functional Screening Tool Wert: 219€
  • Y-Balance Testing Tool Wert: 319€
  • Stretching, mobilization, training and functional testing in one tool INCLUSIVE
  • Fast positioning for complex movements INCLUSIVE
  • Scales to monitor motion execution in real time INCLUSIVE
  • Instant analysis of your imbalances INCLUSIVE
  • Perfect for Functional Training in the Group INCLUSIVE
  • Combine PATmat with any other Functional Training Tool INCLUSIVE
  • Lightweight, reelable and portable INCLUSIVE
  • Anti-slip rubber underside for safe training INCLUSIVE
  • Unbeatable even in combination with your yoga exercises INCLUSIVE


I'll give you the PATmat Starter Online course worth 59€!

YOU ONLY PAY 119.20€


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